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  Currency Converter  

Here is the example for all the chinese currency:

Chinese money is offivailly called Renminbi (RMB) means "The People's Currency". The popular unit of RMB is yuan" but the 80% people aslo call it "Kuai" Like American Dollar ,peole aslo call dollar "Bucks ". Chinese currency is issued in the following denominations: one, two, five, ten, twenty, fifty and one hundred yuan;

To know the exchange money please check Money Converter 

50 yuan

20 yuan

10 yuan

10 yuan (new)

5 yuan

5 yuan (new)

2 yuan

1 yuan (new, issued in July 2004)

1 yuan

5 jiao (0.5 yuan)

2 jiao (0.2 yuan)

1 jiao (0.1 yuan)

From top to the bottom: 100 yuan ,50 Yuan, 20 Yuan,10 yuan ,5 Yuna ,2 Yuang,1Yuan

,5 jiao (0.5 yuan), 2 jiao (0.2 yuan), 1 Jiao (0.1 yuan)

Money Converter

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