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Venues in Beijing
1.Having a spectacular dining experience in the splendid Forbidden City where 24 emperors ruled china over 600 years.
2.Stroll along the “Bird Nest” Olympic stadium and admire the incredible architecture of its unique buildings.
3.Gala Dinner on the Great Wall of China with stunning traditional and modern entertainment spectacle, the 7th wonder of the world that can be seen from the moon.
4.Exploring Beijing’s modernistic art districts, such as 798, where artistic areas have sprung up in amongst old warehouse districts.
5.Linger along the Hutong- the narrow alley built during the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, in a rickshaw and enjoy authentic home cooked lunch with its local residents.
6.Learn Tai Chi in the beautiful local park.
7.Taking a kite flying competition in Temple of Heaven where the emperor pray for the good harvest for the next year.
8.Hold a great banquet at the Great Hall of the People, where many statesmen have dined before you.
9.Enjoy a bargain shopping at the world-famous silk and pearl markets.

Venues in Shanghai
1.Lingering Shanghai’s Old Town and appreciating traditional Chinese architecture with upturned roof corners, and tasting Chinese-style fast  food, shopping and a local tea ceremony.
2.Dine at roof top little restaurant on the elegant Bund, with stunning views of Pudong’s contemporaneity skyline.
3.Being local people, Burn incenses and has your fortune tell at the Jade Buddha Temple.
4.Have Chinese Dim Sum Lunch at the Green Ripple Restaurant in Old Town, where both President Clinton and Queen Elizabeth have    feasted.
5.From the 100th-floor of the Shanghai World Financial Centre, catch a bird-eye view of the new and old Shanghai skyline.
6.Enjoy cocktails in Xintiandi, Shanghai’s cobbled and popular nightlife area.
7.Experience the exhilarating high speed Maglev Train into the city – a 30 km journey at 470 km/hr in just seven minutes!
8.Enjoy a Chinese acrobatic show and test your own flexible talents!
9.Move away from the fast life and visit The No.1 water town -Zhujiajiao , a traditional Chinese town dating back 1,700 years ago only a 45-minute drive from Shanghai.
10.In classic Shanghainese private residence or members’ club with luxury event, recall the Shanghai’s change in past decades.
Venues in Hong kong
Hong Kong:
1.Hire a cruise, the Star Ferry or a Tall ship to explore Victoria Harbour with glorious cocktail in hand.
2.Get intoxicated dragon boat race to challenge your colleague
3.Experience the luxuriant and world-famous nightlife of Lan Kwai Fong, Soho and Wanchai.
4.Gala Dinner on theVictoria peak sharing the harour view.
5.Stroll along the heart of Hong Kong in its backstreets and markets.
6.Visit the world's largest outdoor seated bronze Buddha and enjoy the authentic monastery cooked lunch by the monks.
7.Tai Chi experiencing, Chinese Tea Tasting in the morning, and a Dim Sum making class to touch down the local life.
8.Come to a night races at Happy Valley where the atmosphere is excited.
9.Visiting a sleepy fishing village, and charming islands or New Territories, complete with paddy fields.-it’s different style Hong Kong.
10.Take a local-style bargaining in an open-air market or indulge in an unexpected luxury in this shopper's paradise.
Venues in Xi an
Xi an:
1.Keeping out of contemplation as you stand in front of the imposing Army of Terracotta Warriors.
2.Stroll along the old City Walls recalling of the splendid past of Xi'an.
3. Feeling the unique atmosphere and taste wonderful food When you stroll along the Xi’an’ Muslim Street.
4.Taste delicious and elaborately artistic dumplings that are a Xi’an specialty.
5.Enjoy a colorful cultural show that celebrates the many cultures that the silk roads’ brought together
Venues in Sanya
1.Relax and enjoy hygienically the properties of Nantian’s Hot Springs, followed by a spot of lunch.
2.Get energetic with an invigorating hike through the rainforest .
3.Enjoy a cocktail and a sumptuous seafood, beach barbecue as the sun sets over the ocean.
4.Enjoy a medley of watersports at Wuzhizhou Island, including sailing and snorkeling in crystal clear waters or quad biking and power boat  racing .
5.Experience at the beautifully located Yalong Bay Golf Club, surrounded by stunning mountains and the South China Sea
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